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Gingersnap Crust

Making a pie crust from ginger snaps is so much easier than rolling out a pastry crust! This is the perfect crust for a mild filling that doesn’t have to be baked. I use it for my Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. The spiciness and crispiness of the crust provides the perfect […]

Blueberry Sauce
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Blueberry Sauce

Sometimes, you just need a little Blueberry Sauce. When you make pancakes or french toast and are bored with maple syrup-use blueberry sauce. When that vanilla ice cream looks bare and you need a change from hot fudge-use blueberry sauce. When you want a change from orange or cherry sauce […]

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All-Purpose Crêpes

Some of my fondest food memories are of savoring Crêpes Suzette being flamed at the table at a wonderful French restaurant. I enjoyed the elegance of the set up: the lightly cooked crêpes, the butter, the fresh orange juice, the orange zest, the sugar and the orange liqueur all lined […]

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Baked Apples

I’ve loved Baked Apples since I was a child. I love the texture-soft and smooth like applesauce; but firm enough to hold its shape. I love scraping the apple off the skin and then eating the skin by itself. There are so many variations of this wonderful dessert. You can […]

Apple Tart
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Apple Tart

What a treat and a way to impress your company! This Apple Tart is rich and sweet from the apples sautéed with the seeds from a vanilla bean and topped with apples glazed with orange marmalade and orange liqueur. No rolling pin needed! You can press the dough around the […]

Chicken Soup
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Chicken Soup

There is probably no recipe more iconic than Chicken Soup aka Jewish penicillin. Every family in every culture has their own special formula. My Chicken Soup is the same one that was made in my Great Grandmother’s home, my Grandmother’s home,  in my home as a child and now in […]