Kosher Cookbook app

Are you overwhelmed preparing special meals for your loved ones in your hectic life? Does planning a three course meal for every Friday night, at least a dozen Jewish holidays meals, plus Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Fourth of July and even quickie weeknight dinners start to make you crazy? Don’t let it get to you. The Kosher Cookbook Application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will walk you through every step of the way, making your meal planning and/or religious observance easier than ever before.

Now with easy to find menu plans by season or holiday, you can plan all of your Shabbat meals so that you don’t have anything to worry about. This is not a cookbook filled with traditional Jewish recipes.

This app is filled with over 300 delicious, varied, and creative recipes representing many different cuisines! Kosher Cookbook has everything from Jewish classics, Kosher versions of classic French, Italian, Greek, Turkish… cuisine. It has a large number of non dairy desserts, party favorites, and even a select group of greatest hits (chosen by family and friends) from Kosher Cookbook writer and gourmet home chef Gloria Kobrin. No reason to obsess over anyone with a picky palate. Kosher Cookbook has something for everyone.

With Kosher Cookbook’s brand new user interface, just choose which kind of food you’d like to eat and the perfect recipe is right at your fingertips in seconds. And with our new SHOPPING LIST you can manage all your groceries in one place without having to stuff your pockets with paper lists!