The Shabbat Routine

The focal point of the week to me is Shabbat. The main purpose of starting Kosher by Gloria is to highlight the power that Shabbat has to bring a family together. I cannot imagine my life without those that I see around my table every Friday. It was easy to do when our children were young. We set the rules and they followed. Over the course of many years, we had Shabbat dinners with friends and their families at our house and at theirs. Gone was the concept of children being seen and not heard. The dinner table was a cacophony of voices and we all loved it. Now that our daughter is married with her own children and our son doesn’t live home anymore, Shabbat dinner can not be mandated. They have their own lives and it is truly their choice whether to come for dinner/lunch or not. I can happily report that they all still come. The effort my husband and I put in when they were children created a commitment that they still feel as adults.

The kitchen is truly the center of my home and interesting food has been something that has engaged my family from the start. Throughout my blog you will see my tips and stories about the cooking and eating experiences that I have had. My goal for Kosher By Gloria is to help my readers foster a tradition that will bring people together through food.  Whether you observe the rules of Shabbat or not, whether you get together for Shabbat dinner, Sunday dinner or Tuesday dinner, there is no better way of cementing relationships than when everyone is around the same table eating and sharing food.