Book Review: Food You Want for the Life You Crave by Nealy Fischer, The Flexible Chef

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Nealy Fischer explains her philosophy of life and cooking on page one of her beautiful and inspiring book. Nealy writes: “Flexibility is about compromise-how to give yourself a break and still come out on top-in the kitchen and beyond.” A yoga teacher and graduate of many different diet plans, Nealy lives an almost gluten-free life with her husband and four kids. She has lived in Israel, Asia and Montana; and her recipes reflect the spices and cooking styles of each area.

FOOD YOU WANT FOR THE LIFE YOU CRAVE is organized in sections devoted to pantry staples, equipment, substitutions, hints, and recipes by subject. Throughout, Nealy injects her narrative of being flexible and she encourages the reader to “single task” rather than multi task in order to achieve a more calm existence. At the end of each recipe, Nealy adds a “Nail this”- telling the reader how to organize their timing for the recipe and warning them to wear gloves when using turmeric to avoid staining their nails. She also adds a “Flip this”- suggesting different ways of using the same basic recipe. I love the way Nealy uses the word “about” when she gives certain measurements or timing. She understands that each cauliflower is a different size and each oven heats up at a different level.

Some of the recipes, I want to try are: Spiced Beef Lollypops, Chicken Lettuce Cups with Green Pesto and Mango Salsa and Sesame Salmon Bites and this colorful Cauliflower Crunch Tabouli, pictured above.

This is a cookbook filled with love of family, healthy beautiful food and a clear philosophy of life. To quote Nealy Fischer: ” Live a life that matters, on your own terms.”