Friday: Shabbat is Here!

Friday: Shabbat is Here!

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I roasted the cauliflower. Then came boiling the farfalle and making the lemon sauce. That done, all was mixed in a bowl and put into the fridge for tomorrow. That was the dairy side of things for the moment. Now to the meat: I steamed the broccoli, removed the fat from the pot roast and then sliced it. Next, I boiled down the gravy and poured it over the meat. 12:15-I ran out for a manicure/pedicure and was back by 2. Potatoes went into the oven to bake and I made icing and finished up the cake. All that’s left to do before Shabbat is for me to mash and stuff the potatoes, and make a salad. Tomorrow, I’ll platter the nova and bagels, tomato and mozzarella and bring the farfalle to room temp. Somehow it all gets done!

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