Restaurant Review: Prime Grill

Restaurant Review: Prime Grill

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Sometimes you just have a yen to go out and have a delicious steak. Prime Grill, located  midtown in NYC can satisfy that need. I went on Open Table and got one of the last two tables in a packed dining room on a Wednesday night. The main area is spacious and there is a private room on the side which can seat about 35-40 people comfortably. It was, in fact, the site of our first Kosherfeast gathering many years ago. In terms of ambience, Prime Grill distinguishes itself from other steak houses because the tables are separated much further from each other than one normally finds in similar restaurants. It’s noisy, because there is no floor covering, but it’s white noise. You’re not close enough to listen to the conversation at other tables; but it’s not quiet enough for you to engage in a serious conversation either. Despite the fact that the prices are high, the room was filled with lots of people of all ages who also must have had a yen for steak or sushi in midtown.

We were seated immediately and quickly greeted by our waiter. A Grey Goose vodka and tonic and glass of Shiraz later, we were comfortably choosing from the menu. There is an enormous sushi selection that is all freshly and expertly prepared; but we weren’t in a sushi frame of mind. I ordered the Duck Spring Rolls, which were absolutely delicious. The piping hot and crackling crisp wrapping was neatly stuffed with beautiful slivers of duck- and it was all duck.  No offensive pieces of fat, skin or bone had slipped into the roll to ruin the perfect bite. The sauce was delicious and added just the right amount of heat. We could easily have shared this order. There were five or six rolls in the basket! My husband had the Mushroom Soup which also came out piping hot and full of flavor. Next came the steak. My husband ordered the Reserve Cut – rare. It was tender and delicious- and he ate the whole thing. I ordered the center Rib Eye -medium rare. It was good; but for the price, I’d say that my husband’s was better. The outside rim of my steak was sweet and tender. The rest was good but not fabulous. I wish the waiter had told us that the steaks would be served with frizzled onions; because then we wouldn’t have ordered a side of Onion Rings. The frizzled onions on the plate were far superior to the side order. We shared a warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream – pareve-of course- for dessert. It oozed warm delicious chocolate as you cut into it and was very satisfying.

We used to go to Prime Grill when it was on 49th Street because it was very close to my husband’s office. It was always very crowded; and the service left a lot to be desired-unless you were known. At this Prime Grill, where we had last minute reservations, the service couldn’t have been more efficient and friendly. Despite the fact the waiter didn’t give us a “heads up” that we might be overdosing on onions, he did know all about the different cuts of steak.

Prime Grill is a great spot to bring a business crowd that is into steak and sushi. Even if no one is Jewish or kosher except for you, they will enjoy this restaurant.

Photo credit: Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine