Thank You!

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There is no way I can properly thank the amazing team that surrounded me and supported me in creating this video. Steve Berenson,Barry Berenson, Orr Bortman and Jon Kobrin were a never ending source of encouragement and expertise. Jon-my son- is responsible for pushing me to do the Kosher Cookbook App and KosherbyGloria. Steve, Barry and Orr make up the team from Berenson Media who came to my apartment on a Thursday for 12 hours- with more cameras and lights and misc equipment than you could possibly imagine. Orr spent an additional 3 hours working with me on Monday to be sure everything was perfect. There is absolutely nothing that was filmed that wasn’t carefully watched over and organized. The only novice in the room was me; and they couldn’t have been kinder or more professional in helping me do what I was committed to do. Steve and Jon share another relationship as the owners of Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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