Thursday: Prep!

Thursday: Prep!

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OK-it’s Thursday and it’s time to cook. First job is to get the pot roast prepared and in the oven so it can braise and cool before I refrigerate it. While the meat is braising, I steam the apples and make applesauce. Why the applesauce now-you might ask. If you puree the applesauce first and rinse out the bowl, you can then do the onions for the soup and kugel and then the potatoes without having to rinse anything in between! Next step is to make the gingerbread and clean the brussels sprouts. Today, I’ll just peel off the outer leaves; so thattomorrow I just have to soak, slice, and roast them. I try to leave as little as possible to do on Winter Fridays. Shabbat comes so early and frankly I like to have time to get my hair and nails done before the weekend.

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