New Chocolate Chips on the Market !!!

New Chocolate Chips on the Market !!!

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Estee Kafra- @KOSHERSCOOP.COM- has come out with a delicious new chocolate chip called: BEST INGREDIENTS FOR BEST RESULTS SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPS. They are made from 100% Barry Callebaut chocolate. These chips have: NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN, NO NUTS; and as Estee says: NO REGRETS! They are KOSHER (OU, COR) and VEGAN. These yummy chips come in 9 ounce packages and will give you a little more than one and one-half cups of chips. I actually ended up with a little less then the 1 1/2 cups because I kept eating them out of the bag. They are that good. I made Chocolate Chip cookies and the chips melted just enough to feel good on your tongue but also have a little bite to them. The flavor is perfect- very chocolatey but not too sweet.

Estee sent me a bag to try and then review-but now it’s gone. I will have to order from Amazon to get my next fix!

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