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Easy Pumpkin Pie- Freezer Friendly

When I grew up, we ate lots of food from cans. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had a thing about not using canned puréed pumpkin to make pie. As you can see from my other Pumpkin Pie recipes: https://kosherbygloria.com/pumpkin-pie-2/ and https://kosherbygloria.com/pumpkin-chiffon-pie/, my daughter’s personal favorite, I always roast and purée […]

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Spinach and Pear Soup

This Spinach and Pear soup is silky smooth and light. It has a mild spinach flavor despite its green color. The pear really shines through when you sprinkle the soup with the cardamom dusted pear croutons. Add them to the soup after it’s been served so they don’t get soggy. […]

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Strawberry Sorbet

Strawberry sorbet is smooth and creamy and easily made from frozen strawberries puréed with 3 simple ingredients.  Spoon it into an orange shell for a company dinner or eat it as soft serve right away. I promise, this recipe will quickly become your go-to instant dessert! I like to change […]

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Coconut-Chocolate Chip Squares

It’s so exciting to find a beloved recipe in the back of a box of “oldies but goodies”. I used to make these every year as part of a cookie assortment for holidays. I’ve reworked the recipe and made it healthier and “nut free”-except for the coconut. Naturally, you can […]