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Excerpted from an article by Norene Gilletz: This article was written in 2012. Since then Kosher Cookbook has become and Twitter has become The recipe, to which Norene refers, can be found on “I first “met” Gloria Kobrin of New York on Facebook where we quickly […]

Swiss Meringue Vacherins
Dessert, Parve, Passover

Swiss Meringue Vacherins

Swiss Meringue Vacherins are much sturdier than their French counterparts. There are basically three different methods to prepare meringue: French, Swiss and Italian. Up until last week, I had been making French Meringues as beautifully explained by Jacques Pepin in his book La Technique. I’ve been making meringue kisses, meringue […]


Hamantaschen Fillings

Hamantaschen fillings can take many forms. My favorites are the traditional poppy seed, apricot and prune. I confess, I use a prepared Poppyseed filling. Sometimes I grate a little orange zest into it and sometimes I don’t. It’s delicious if you like mohn and don’t obsess about all the little […]

Hamantaschen Dough
Dessert, Parve, Purim

Hamantaschen Dough

I only make Hamantaschen Dough once a year. I roll it out; cut it into circles and fill them with mohn (poppyseed) or a thick fruit purée. We love the traditional apricot and prune; but you can use any thick fruit flavored jam you choose. They can be iced and […]