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Mini Meat Loaves
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Mini Meat Loaves

These Mini Meat Loaves are perfect for a buffet or an easy family dinner. Each mini loaf is about five ounces; which is perfect for one person. Better yet- you’re not getting five ounces of meat. You’re getting some meat mixed up with a ton of sautéed vegetables and spices! […]

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Puff Pastry Straws

You can make these Puff Pastry Straws out of store bought puff pastry made with butter or the non-dairy variety made with margarine. I usually make them non-dairy so that I can serve them with a meat meal. It doesn’t get easier than slightly rolling out the defrosted pastry, sprinkling […]

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All-Purpose Crêpes

Some of my fondest food memories are of savoring Crêpes Suzette being flamed at the table at a wonderful French restaurant. I enjoyed the elegance of the set up: the lightly cooked crêpes, the butter, the fresh orange juice, the orange zest, the sugar and the orange liqueur all lined […]

Apple Tart
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Apple Tart

What a treat and a way to impress your company! This Apple Tart is rich and sweet from the apples sautéed with the seeds from a vanilla bean and topped with apples glazed with orange marmalade and orange liqueur. No rolling pin needed! You can press the dough around the […]