Chopped Chicken Liver

Chopped Chicken Liver

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Chopped Chicken Liver is the quintessential Jewish comfort food and always a guilty pleasure! Annie Mae used to “kasher” the livers and make the schmaltz in the kitchen of my childhood. Of course, you can buy pre- kashered livers, rendered chicken fat and even Chopped Liver at the butcher; but, for me, it just isn’t the same. Despite the chore of “kashering” the livers and making the schmaltz, I enjoy the feeling of connection to my ancestors when I do it. They didn’t make challah; but they did make Chopped Liver.

Click on the link for a nut free vegetarian version: Vegetarian Chopped Liver

Chopped Chicken Liver

By Gloria Kobrin Published: February 3, 2014

  • Yield:

  • 6 Cups
  • Cook time:

  • 55 mins


  • 2 Pounds Chicken Livers kashered*
  • 2 Extra Large Spanish Onions
  • 5 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil/ rendered chicken fat (schmaltz)
  • 6 large Eggs hard-boiled & peeled
  • Salt to taste


  • Large Skillet
  • Optional: Electric Food Processor


  1. Peel and slice onions thinly.
  2. Heat schmaltz /oil in skillet over medium flame. Sauté onions until they are golden brown-but not burnt. Add livers and stir together with onions for about five minutes.
  3. Chop livers, onions and eggs by hand or in a processor. If you use a processor, pulse it until you achieve the consistency you like for each ingredient separately before mixing them all together. Don’t over chop unless you want a smooth spread. Taste. Add salt if necessary. Chill. Serve chopped liver cold with rye bread, crackers or crudités.
  4. * To Kasher livers: Spread livers out on foil. Sprinkle generously with kosher salt. Put under top shelf of broiler for a few minutes or until salt has set. Remove livers, turn over, salt on the other side and return to broiler for a few minutes longer. Remove livers from broiler, rinse well and proceed with recipe. Discard foil and all juices that have gathered.