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This is a perfect recipe for those who don’t want to sauté, caramelize or sear. Just layer your ingredients in a pot and simmer. The result is a flavorful vegetable mix with a small amount of the natural juices that come from the vegetables. If you prefer more liquid, just […]

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Pumpkin Hummous

Freshly roasted and puréed pumpkin adds a touch of sweetness and a soft orange color to traditional hummous. Serve with pita and crudités for a delicious and healthy hors d’oeuvre or snack. Prep time: 15 minutes plus time to roast pumpkin Note: You can use canned puréed pumpkin-not filling, if […]

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Pumpkin Soup

Every year my daughter and son in law take my grandchildren pumpkin picking. This year, the children picked out the largest pumpkin they could find and presented it to me!. After admiring it for a few days, I removed the seeds, cut it up in manageable pieces and roasted it. […]

Simply Orange Sauce
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Simply Orange Sauce

Defrost a can of frozen orange juice, add water, sugar and herbs and voila- you have a basic orange sauce that gets caramelized when baked in the oven over whatever protein you choose. Use this sauce as is, or dress it up by adding a splash of orange liqueur and/or […]

Israeli Salad
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Israeli Salad

This colorful, light salad that is seen in Israel on every breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, has become so well known the world over; that is is simply called Israeli Salad. This salad goes with everything. From adding it to Falafel  to spreading it over Schnitzel, Israeli Salad adds color […]

Quinoa Crust
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Quinoa Crust

Several years ago, quinoa started popping up on Passover tables. It is now a staple. There is kosher for Passover quinoa, quinoa flakes, quinoa flour…I’ve seen this amazing supergrain used as a replacement for rice in sushi and as a satisfying side dish for meat and fish. Quinoa itself has […]