Tisha B’Av-The Nine Days!

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Just a little background for those who might wonder about the sundry posts for The Nine Days and meatless meals preceding Tisha B’Av.

“Tisha B’Av (Hebrew: תשעה באב or ט׳ באב, “the Ninth of Av,”) is an annual fast day in Judaism, named for the ninth day (Tisha) of the month of Av in the Hebrew calendar. The fast commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, which occurred about 655 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date. Tisha B’Av is never observed on Shabbat. If the 9th of Av falls on a Saturday, the fast is postponed until the 10th of Av.” Source: www.hebcal.com

Three weeks before Tisha B’Av, those who observe enter a period of mourning; during which time many don’t cut their hair, listen to music, or get married amongst other restrictions according to your level of observance. During The Nine Days preceding the Fast day, many observant Jews will refrain from eating meat except on the Sabbath;  so many meat free meals have to be prepared. This is not a problem for vegetarians; but for those who are used to getting their usual meat intake, it can be daunting.

Here is a partial list of meat free recipes-both pescatarian and vegetarian- which I hope will be helpful to those who are observing The Nine Days. There are many more meat free recipes including many soups on this site. I hope you’ll stop by and scroll around to find the right inspiration for you.

Spaghetti Squash Primavera

Tofu With Currants, Pine Nuts, and Olives

Farfalle with Roasted Cauliflower in Lemon Garlic Sauce

Pasta with Pesto and Roasted Peppers

Sesame Vegetable and Tofu Salad

Baked Halibut with Tomatoes, Onions & Olives

Herbed Fried Fish

Cod Cakes

Eggplant Parmesan